Bulk Insert Task

May 10th, 2010 by aabhaanjan
  1. 1.       Bulk Insert Task: – The bulk insert task allows to insert bulk data from a flat file into Sql Server . This task hasn’t any data flow.

Process to Create Package :-

a)      Open Business intelligence Development studio (BIDS) à select Fileà New Project àchoose Integration service Project


a)      Put the project name and press ok button .The Project will be created and screen will be look like this and you will find default package.dtsx package file in solution explorer.Rename the package name whatever you would like to change .


a)      Drag and drop Bulk Insert   Task  to transfer bulk data from Flat file to Sql Server ..The following screen will be appear :-


a)      Press double click on Bulk insert task , the properties page will be appear .In Bulk Insert task you have to choose source connection and destination connection . Bulk Insert task basically transfer the flat file data to sql server so obvisally source connection will be your flat file and desitination will be database.Now click source connection and browse button to select a flat file to do further process


a)      Choose file and press open button for process the file


a)      Now choose Destination connection à GO To Connection Properties à select New Connection à Click New Button for establish to coneection to databaseà after selection of database -à Press OK Button to establish the connection


a)      Now select Destination Table  and press ok button .You have completed all process to move data from flat file to sql server . Press F5 to execute .