Enterprise level applications architecture of SmartFoxServer 2X

March 9th, 2011 by aabhaanjan

SmartFoxServer 2X Extensions have dropped support for scripting languages and concentrated on the Java extension development. The main reasons are:

The New server architecture is oriented to enterprise-level applications where this architecture have  following patterns :

  1. Handles A lot of persistent data
  2. Handles  concurrent data access
  3. Handles  A lot of user interface screens/ High Load
  4. Handles  Integrate with other enterprise applications
  5. Handles  Lots of translation between data formats (usually for integration or reporting)
  6. Handles  Critical performance. Often includes cluster support
  7. Handles  Multi-platform — usually a minimum of Windows, Linux
  8. Handles  Support many different configurations, including databases
  9. Handles  Must support many different configurations, including databases

To fulfill above requirement the best language is Java which highly supports these features therefore it is now used for the server side