Execute Process Task

May 20th, 2010 by aabhaanjan

The Execute process task execute a windows or console application .

Process to Create Package :-

a)      Open Business intelligence Development studio (BIDS) –> select File –>New Project  —> choose Integration service Project


b)      Put the project name and press ok button .The Project will be created and screen will be look like this and you will find default package.dtsx package file in solution explorer.Rename the package name whatever you would like to change .


c)      Drag and drop Execute Process Task  to execute console or window application .The following screen will be appear :-


d)      Now double click on execute process task .The Execute Process Task editor will be appear . Now go to Process tab and Executable properties enter the name of console or windows application path , whatever you would like to process. Here I want to execute calc.exe That’s why I have entered calc.exe name in executable Properties .Which is shown in picture bellow :


e)      Now Click Ok Button and run the package . The calculator will be appear when the package will be execute .