Future of New Media

October 13th, 2011 by aabhaanjan

I am developer of all these four platform :

a) Native iOs

b) Android


d) HTML5

On the basis of my experience in these technologies I would like to share my views about Future of New Media.

I found few Facts about the wide area presence of Flash Player from the various online resources :

75% of all video on the web is viewed with Flash Player.
Flash Player is on 99% of all connected PCs.
85 % of 100 top websites use Flash
95% of top 20 phone OEMs will deliver Flash

so what is the present of flash in New Media Space :
1. Already grown a lot.
2. Still growing.
3. Have a large foot print in the sector of media,game etc.

And what is the future:
1. The new version will come as the replacement of fastly growing Unity3D.
2. The new version with a great performnace feature like hardware rendering will change the
gaming industry and mobile world.
3. In future Flash will be the cheapest medium to develope game/app or video for all platform with its great performance.
4. The Adobe AIR3 going to make a great presence in the field of television and desktop app world.
The Stage Video having :
a)smoothest, highest quality, seamless video
b)lowest CPU usage, longest battery life
c)optimized for multi-screen: PC, smartphone, tablet, television
d)reaching also out to low-end PC devices

All the best Adobe :)🙂