How to Install MOTODEV Studio

November 14th, 2011 by aabhaanjan


Lets start with the Installtion of MOTODEV Studio 2.1.1 .

There are following Steps :

1. On After clicking the EXE setup of MotoDev it will show this window

2. Click Next to continue the Installtion

3. Select the language

4. Accept License Agreement

5. It will check the  presence of Java Environment

6. Choose location directory :

7. You can browse and select your location

8. Select destination folder and click OK . It will start the installation process:

9. Installation in progress

10. Installation Comleted

11. Start the Editor and choose work directory which will work as your projects repository

12. Provide android sdk path

13.  Getting Error : Something like the below image ???

Lets short out this error and start new project in our next tutorial 🙂

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