Custom Login : Flash CS4 (Action Script 3.0)

October 10th, 2010 by aabhaanjan

I would like to provide the tutorial using Flash and Flex both. The first I am starting with Flash CS4 using Action script 3.0.

Step 1 :  Server side :

C:\Program Files\SmartFoxServerPRO_1.6.6\Server

Open the Program Files folder inside that folder you will get SmartFoxServer’s   Server folder where we have to edit the config or create your own config. I am modifying the already created config according to my requirement.


Step 2:  Add zone for the Custom login :


I have added a zone named “login” in the server side config where I am defining emptyNames as false value and customLogin will be on. As I need one room so I have created it “The Hall” where maximum number of users are  defined as 50 and it is a public room. For server side extension script I have named it login.

Step 3:  Server side Extension :

For “” I would like to use the example extension given by SmartFoxServer for the server side.So Now our server side extension will look like this


dNow Start your server and it will add a new zone “login ”.


Step 4: Client Side

Lets create our first screen for establishing connection.


In the first layer of Fla I have created the connection status movie clip named connectionStatus_MC where I have taken a dynamic text box statusMsg_txt which will show status of connection with server. On load automatically we will send the connection request to the server.


So now we need a login Panel I have created this panel from where user can send login request to the server. There are two input boxes username_txt and pwd_txt for User name and Password. And butt_login to send the request to the server. Also a dynamic text box msg_txt for the message display.

So Now lets Start the Client Side Code.