New things in Flash Builder 4.6

December 15th, 2011 by aabhaanjan

The Flex 4.6 SDK has a number of new features :
1. Support for the latest Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 runtimes.
2. Most important is a new set of Spark components for mobile applications.
3. Performance boost.
New things in Flash Builder 4.6
New Adobe AIR and Flash Player support
The most important features for the AIR and Player are :

a) AIR Native Extensions
It provides the ability to complement AIR application with native code. Which gives a wide range of options to create different applications.

b) Captive runtime

Another powerful new feature is the ability to embed the AIR 3 runtime in the final application. Which is called as Captive runtime.

New tools for mobile development
Unit testing mobile applications
It is now supporting the popular open-source FlexUnit framework for mobile projects.

Monitoring network activity for mobile applications
Using Flash Builder 4.6’s built-in network monitor feature we can see all the data being sent and received in the network during our test.