Project Darkstar-MMOG-Middleware

January 19th, 2011 by aabhaanjan


It was an open source middleware for the MMOG developed in java by the Project Darkstar team of Sun Microsystem and publicly released on August 30, 2007.

It aims to help developers and operators avoid a range of serious, yet typical, problems associated with massive scale online games, virtual worlds, and social networking applications today, including zone overloading, data corruption, and server underutilization but on February 2, 2010, Oracle shut down the project.

So is any future of Project Darkstar ?

RedDwarf Server: a community fork has been made called RedDwarf Server.

Technical Aspects :

  1. When a Project Darkstar server implementation is run, it either starts a new network or joins one that is currently running.
  2. All networks contain clients, server implementations, a Project Darkstar stack on which the server implementations run, and several meta-service nodes that handle traffic between each node in the server stack.
  3. A server implementation is a user created program written with the Project Darkstar API. The clients include all client-side applications and games that are connected to a game server in the network.


Current Feature Set

CPU load balancing


Persistent data storage using Berkeley DB


Duping prevention

Channel communication

Scalable data structures

Pluggable protocols

Administrative tools

Planned Feature Set

Networked load balancing

Profiling tools

Management tools

Download the latest version :

I wish all the best for Reddwarf . I would love to write tutorials for it. 🙂

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