SmartFox server Chapter- 01-Inroduction and Installation

March 21st, 2010 by aabhaanjan

Starting with SmartFox Server after its Installation :

Go to Program files then SmartFoxServerPro_1.6.6 you will see list of items of Smartfox

Admin : From where you can handle all the events and can see the server status.

Docs: Where you can find the documents of Smartfox , you can find here all the detail and

Helpful  material.

Server :  From where you can edit and Install/Uninstall Services.


Examples : A lot of examples are stored here . J

Flash API : API of AS2.0  and AS 3.0 are stored here.

How to change the IP

Open Edit Config as per given figure :

Server Config

After opening config you can change the IP as example given below.

change IP

Changing the admin login and password .

change password

Opening Admin panel: When you will open the admin  panel you will be able to see login credential fields , where by entering correct Username and password you will be able to enter into the admin panel.



Inside the admin panel you will be able to see below mentioned figure. It have various components .


Zone browser :

It will show all the created  zones and associated rooms detail.


Ban Manager : From where you can see the Banned User and IP details.


Logs : Here you will find all the  written record of messages sent or received and activity done by the



Extension manager :

Here you can see and edit all used extensions .


Keep watching coming soon , with next chapter 🙂

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