Smartfox server – chapter 03 Client side Config

October 2nd, 2010 by aabhaanjan

Some other nodes of this  config.xml :


debug : It is a Boolean value . It holds the client-side debugging information When we set it true , the developer is able to see all server communication with the client in Flash IDE. It helps in debugging during the application development process.  Using this we can see the messages in the output window. e.g


blueBoxIpAddress : It is a string value which contains the BlueBox IP address.

blueBoxPort :  It is a number value contains the Blue box connection port.

smartConnect : It is a Boolean value . By default it is true. Basically it  indicates if the BlueBox http connection should be used in case a socket connection is not available.

httpPort: It is a number value by default it is 8080. This property can be changed according to the webserver’s listening port.

httpPollSpeed :

Here we can specify the  minimum required interval between two polling requests when connecting to SmartFoxServer  via  BlueBox module. The default value is 750 milliseconds. The value should be in betweens  0 and 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds). It adds minimum lag to the client responsiveness and it keeps the server CPU usage low

Optimal Values  for httpPollSpeed:

a). For chats, turn-based games  : 750-1000

b).  For super fast real-time games : 50-100

c)  Using values below 50 ms is not recommended.

rawProtocolSeparator:  It is a string value . The default value is “%” . it is used to get or set the character used as separator for the String (raw) protocol

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