Smartfox Server–Chapter 07-Server side Config-part-4

October 3rd, 2010 by aabhaanjan


Server side Config-part-4


Lets continue with following tags :

server side config -part-4

BanCleaning : here we can set it auto. In a specific interval which BanDuration it will clean the ban.

BanDuration: here we can set the duration of ban.

BannedLoginMessage : Here we can set the cutom message for the banned user.

OutQueueThreads: This tag is basically used as the performance settings. It represents the number of Java worker threads used for the SmartFoxServer EventWriter. The EventWriter is the server stage responsible for broadcasting messages back to the connected clients and it is usually one of the most busy stages of the server. By default  it is assigned 1 thread . We generally use (number of cpus / 2) rule to decide how many threads to assign .

ExtHandlerThreads: Here we can set the size of the thread pool. By default it is 1. Only in special case like when one extension blocks for a certain amount of time waiting for a resource, an external response or a complex database request etc we need to increase it.

MaxWriterQueue: The maximum number of messages that can be added to the outgoing message queue. This parameter is already set by default to a high value.

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