SmartFoxServer Protocols

September 3rd, 2010 by aabhaanjan

There are three types of protocols provided by Smartfox Server

1. XML


3. String Based (This is also known as raw protocol)

we generally use these three protocols of transmission to serialize send/receive data

The XML Protocol : It is the default option used by SmartFoxServer. Using this, complex

objects can easily be serialized at any level. But this is expensive

if you are making a complicated game. Because this protocols combined

with not only the specific information of data/values but also it

contains additional information about handling of this protocol. So

we avoid this protocol while developing a game where real time data

are mostly used.

The JSON Protocol : JSON itself is a light weighted architecture for exchange of data.

It is more fast than the XML protocol. It doesn’t contain more additional

information for the server. It is good to use and also very easy to use.

The String Protocol : This is the fastest way to exchange the data. It doesn’t contain

more additional information for the server. For a real time game

or application where every bytes takes importance this is the best

protocol to should be used. Also it gives you full control on the

data or bytes.


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