SmartFoxServer Chapter 10 – server side config –part-7

October 10th, 2010 by aabhaanjan

AutoReloadExtensions : It is a Boolean value . By using it we can  enable/disable the

auto-reload feature for extensions. For example  the server will reload extensions

as soon as they are modified.

IpFilter :  Here we specify the number of users that
can be created by one single IP Address.
Mailer : Here we can set the email. The required thing is valid SMTP account.

MailHost :  Here we specify the SMTP IP address or host name.

MailUser : Here we specify the SMTP username.

MailPass : Here we specify password.

SmtpPort: Here we specify the SMTP port number.

EnableZoneInfo : It is Boolean value . using feature Enable / disable we can know how many clients are connected through the server currently.