The SSIS Package Designer

April 27th, 2010 by aabhaanjan

The SSIS Package designer contain design pane where we create or design our DTS package .The SSIS package designer tool provide a way to create a workflow which represent how the data flow .The Designer include four  tabs

1. Control folw

2.  Data Flow

3. Event Handlers

4. Package Explorer


Control Flow :- It contain workflow parts of the package .Control flow give a pictorial representation how the data flow from heterogeneous source. Control flow also include Task and constraints (Success , failure)

Control Flow include :-

  1. Tasks: – Task basically unit of work.
  2. Constraints :-Evaluate success , failure and completion

Data Flow :- It contain the data flow task ,it define how the data flow from source to destination .Data Flow task includes Data Flow Source, Data Flow Transformation, Data Flow Destination .

  1. Data Flow Source :-The Data Flow Source is the source from where you want to transfer the data .such as DataReader source,Excel Source,OLEDB Source etc .
  2. Data Flow Transformation :-Data Flow transformation provide a way to cleaning the data .Transformation can perform task such as updating ,cleaning , mearging and distributing data.Such as Fuzzy Lookup,Data conversion,Conditional split etc .
  3. Data Flow Destination :- A destination is component that store or move the data to a specific data stores .such as OLE DB Destination etc

3. Event Handlers :- The Event handlers allow you to handle errors or changes in events .

4. Package Explorer: – The Package explorer tab all the package designiner view to a single view . Package Explorer show the connection manager which you have already configured during in data flow or control flow .

Executing Package :- The final step of SSIS package is executing a package by clicking F5.

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