What is new in Flex 4.5 ?

November 1st, 2011 by aabhaanjan

There are major these areas where the new Flex SDK 4.5 has changed the way of working of its earlier version.

1.Development for the multiple platform.

2.Improved Spark components.

3.Improvement in video and text.

4.improvements in Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK compiler

Lets continue with the detail of these points :

1.Development for the multiple platform :

The new SDK is providing us an opportunity to develop application for multiple platform such as Android, iOS and

the web using our existing knowledge of Flex.

2.Improved Spark components.

There are lots of improvement in Spark Component which are more optimized. For example :

a)Spark DataGrid : Providing i) easy and straightforward visual customization. ii)Improved rendering, scrolling and interactive performance system

b)Spark Form :Improved and much more flexible layout with customization options.

c)Spark Image and BitmapImage: There is a lot of enhancements in Image and BitmapImage of Spark like scaleMode, caching etc.

d)Spark Formatters: With lots of feature the new Spark formatter is with the SDK. New Sort and SortField classes have been added.

e)Spark Validators: Enhancement in Spark Validators.

3.Improvement in video and text.

a) Upgraded OSMF Libraries adds support for HTTP streaming.

b) Upgraded TLF library, adding some new features like floats and bulleted and numbered lists.

4.improvements in Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK compiler

There are three major improvements:

a) Reducing memory consumption for full builds.

b) Reducing compilation time for full and incremental builds.

c) Improving the compiler’s RSL linking logic.

will discuss it in detail in our next articles.

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