What is User experience

October 14th, 2011 by aabhaanjan

What is User experience ?

User experience (UX) is about how a person feels about using a product, system or service. It is a process. In order to create a great experience for the users. It needs iteration. It should not be a rigid process, but it does need to exist with the product.

The Key questions comes with it

a)is it Useful? : The biggest question is the product which you are developing is how much useful for the user ?. The product should not be just a product what the manager wanted. The dveleoper or designer should have the creativity to make it useful. If the product is not useful for the target market it will be just the wastage of money and time.

b)is it Usable ?. These days human and computer interaction is growing fastly and in other words we can say it is now more practical.So we need to design and develop our product which makes User comfortable.

c)is it Desirable ?.One more parameter is how much it is desirable ? are we forcing things on the product or it is actually desirable.

d)is it Findable ?. We must design our product , keeping one eye on the findable navigation.

e)is it Accessible ?. The most important thing is the developed product will be accesible by everyone or how much percentage of target market. If it is going to be accessible by only 10% of target audiance then again it is wastage of effort.

f)is it Credible ?. Many things for the UX depends on the design element. What we are presenting and how much it is giving a feeling of trust to the user.

g)is it Valuable ?. With the customer satisfaction how much our product is valuable for the investors,Sponser thats is part of our UX.

we will have more articles on UX soon. Keep reading 🙂