Working with Citrus Engine

December 10th, 2010 by aabhaanjan

While working on a platform game  I came on contact of Citrus Engine. The engine is really good and best part is it provides an Editor kind of Level Architect  developed in Adobe AIR. The engine has used Box2d and other physics in a great way.

The process is very simple :

Install the Level Architect  .

Start the Editor

On clicking Level Architect you will get a window shown below


The window have following menus :

New Level : for creating New Level.


Open Level : for accessing existing layer.


Save Level : it will save the level in XML format.

The major functionalities of this editor is handled by right click. On right click you will get many options to create Platform, Hero,etc with their  own properties.


In below diagram on right click we are getting these options. Using these options we can create our game. Like here I have created . I have used one platform and one MovingPlatform and a Hero.


Will move in next tutorial of  Citrus soon 🙂

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